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If you are an athlete you should not be a stranger to “sports” nutrition, or for that matter, athlete or non-athlete should not be a stranger to a having good “sports” nutrition program. Unfortunately, many athletes and non-athletes feel that they get their proper nutrition from the foods they eat – and that’s just not the case! Many studies have been shown that a proper nutrition supplementation is a must, especially if you’re an athlete.

I’m no stranger to taking vitamins, my wife calls me obsessed with the fact, as my nickname is pill-popper. I can admit I take a lot of vitamins, if there is a vitamin pill, I’m popping it. Ever since I started running a few years ago, I’m always on the constant look out for that special pill that would give me the edge on my next PR, or give me the extra spunk I need to do one more mile. I’ve taken everything from “wild root” from the Himalayas to eating “wild roots” grown in my back yard, ok not really, but if I could have it in a pill form I would!

As athletes you know what I mean, we all want that extra pep in our step, we all want to get stronger, we want to get that next PR….but at what cost? For me taking the right mixture of vitamins at the right time was always difficult. Due to this reason, I was always on the lookout for a supplement pack…you know, do this at this time, and take this at that time. I’m one of those people that if you just tell me what to do, I’ll do it. So when I stumbled upon a tweet about EnduroPacks I got super excited. They were exactly what I was looking for. A “sports” nutrition company that supplied all I need in a “pack”.

The Research

I reached out to EnduroPacks asking them for more information, and if they would be willing to send me some information on their packs. Not only did they send me the information I was looking for, they also sent me an EnduroPacks 30 day supply. Before receiving their product I did what any good potential customer would do, I checked them out. What I found out amazed me! What I came to find out about EnduroPacks was that they were a sports nutrition company based out of my home town of NYC founded and ran by athletes.

EnduroPacks mission was quite clear and fell right in-line to what I was looking for:

“Our subscribers avoid hours of researching and experimenting with pricey nutrition products that are constantly flooding the market. We give you the ESSENTIAL vitamin and minerals you need in the latest, most EFFECTIVE, and most CONVENIENT formats (no more juggling tubs of powder), every month.

Our subscribers benefit from a 4 part system of vitamin and mineral replacement:

  • Pre workout MULTI-VITAMIN to maintain proper health,
  • During workout concentrated ELECTROLYTE SPRAY to replace the nutrients lost during exercise,
  • Post workout ESSENTIAL AMINO ACID PATCH to aid muscle recovery,
  • And, Post workout L-GLUTAMINE tablet to reduce soreness.”

A product that outlines exactly what I need and when I needed – I was almost hooked.

EnduroPacks quality control, I wanted a product that lives up to what they say, and I wanted proof! As we all know vitamins are not regulated by the FDA and companies could [and do] put whatever they want on the labels to entice their potential customers to buy them. However, with EnduroPacks they back up what they say with the “GMP” seal, the GMP “symbol on our product labels – GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedure) is a designation recognized by the Natural Products Association (an independent regulator) that assures the consumer that industry accepted Quality Assurance and Quality Control standards have been met. The NPA inspects our manufacturers’ facilities, documents and procedures, and determines that they are up to the best quality standards in the industry.” After reviewing these standards and the rigors process that products have to go through to gain such an insignia – I was almost hooked.

EnduroPacks comes in a three step approach pre/during/post workouts.

What’s inside?

Pre Workout (everyday living)

Whether you’re an athlete or not you should take a multivitamin/mineral, due to how our foods are grown and processed nowadays even the “healthy-foods” lose their nutritional value. And if you’re an athlete, it’s a must due to the constant depletion of nutrition and stress we put on our bodies. EnduroPacks comes in a liquid form for two main reasons, the fast absorption, and ease on the stomach. As a matter of fact, after the second day of taking the liquid M&M, during one of my runs I could smell the vitamins coming out of my pours, I thought to myself – WOW this stuff is powerful. But on the on the other hand I had no stomach pains even after taking it on an empty stomach (not recommend), and the taste truly tastes like a berry without any of the nasty aftertaste you get with other “like” liquid vitamins.

During your workout

We know how important proper hydration is during our workouts, but many of us don’t know that replenishing essential electrolytes is just as important. This is especially true during those times of intense workouts like running a half or full marathon. I’ve found a great test you can do to see if you are low in electrolytes. While doing these types of intense workouts if you feel gritty or your sweat “taste’s salty” that is a good indication that your body is telling you that you need replenish electrolytes. Many studies have shown what can happen to an individual that doesn’t properly replenish these essential electrolytes. Thankfully EnduroPacks comes with an easy carrying spray bottle with 5 sprays an hour that replenishes our body with all the electrolytes we need.

Post workout

Most athletes, especially runners love chocolate milk after a hard workout, why? Taste? Hydration? Because it’s so refreshing? Yes it’s all that but most of us use it for recovery! But what chocolate milk is missing are the amino acids our bodies need. Amino acids help repair microscopic rips and tears in our muscles that occur during intense workouts. When taking the proper amino acids after you workout you’ll be able to recover faster, and better help yourself from not being injured. Our muscles will recover from a workout more quickly if you take amino acids shortly (within 30mins) after you workout. And don’t worry if you have more amino acids than your body needs, the excess is either used as energy for exercising muscles or stored in fat cells for later energy needs, such as a long-distance run. EnduroPacks comes with an interesting take when it comes to amino acids, they use a transdermal patch. Transdermal patches are not a new fad but have been around for quite some time. However, I never seen it used in this type of capacity. I was intrigued when I first saw them and a little reluctant at the same time. But I have say that after my first intense workout I used the patch and really did feel the difference. My recovery “day-after” I found I wasn’t as sore as I usually am and I felt as if I could run again. I also found out by accident that that they are water resistant when I wore them in the shower and totally forgot about it, and to my shock it was still on that night.

I’m Hooked!


  • Comes in a pack
  • Supports pre/during/post workouts
  • Taste
  • Recovery
  • Fast shipping
  • Company Responsiveness


  • Instructions – The instructions come in a one-pager and I feel that they should be more descriptive on each item and explain the reasoning behind each phase of use


Overall I’m happy with EnduroPacks and I would recommend it to help support your “sports” nutrition needs. With a little help in the instructive area it would be complete. All-in-all I give it a BIG THUMBS UP!

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