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Real Run Ryan Race Primer Review

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Product Review – Race Primer
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As runners we are always looking for that “pep in our step” especially when racing. We all want that PR, that best race ever, that epic moment when we say to ourselves, “damn that was a good race, and I felt like I killed it”. Unfortunately, many of us seldom have that epic race or hit that PR, or many times say that we, “Killed it”. If you want a solid race I believe it’s vital to have had train correctly, eat the right foods leading up to the race, and fuel yourself the morning of. Here in the South (Atlanta) races start pretty early, especially in the summer when Atlanta becomes “Hotlanta”. Due to this, there are many times I don’t get the right fueling in the morning of the race, and I wouldn’t exactly call a pot of coffee the best kind of fueling. So I was super excited when I found Runner’s High and their product “Race Primer“, Race Primer not only gave me the kick I needed to get going, but it also fueled me to start/maintain my race strong.


Who is Runner’s High?

From the Runner’s High website

Runner’s High is a small nutrition company out of Perkasie, PA. Their main product is Race Primer which comes in a 12 ounce can or half ounce travel packets (4 pack). The primer “increases blood flow by dilating the blood vessels through increased Nitric Oxide (NO) in the blood”. This vasodilation means more blood is able to pump through the veins to deliver fuel to the muscles faster along with increasing the speed at which waste products can be removed. This is made even more effective by increasing the stroke volume of the heart for increased cardiac output. Your cardiovascular system will be working on overdrive with a higher VO2max and your muscles will reap the rewards.”


  • Increases Aerobic Energy (ATP) Production
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Sweeteners
  • Improves Time to Exhaustion
  • Free of Banned Substances
  • Protects Against Increased Blood Acidity
  • Increases Rate of Ammonia Clearance
  • Stimulates the Nitric Oxide System
  • Increases Cardiac Output
  • Preserves Glycogen Stores
  • Lowers Rate of Perceived Exhaustion

What is Race Primer?

I received a 12 ounce can from Runner’s High, I like the fact that they use a can that fits there product. What I’ve found with other products is that they make you think there is more in the can than there actually is  by making the can huge and only having is half full. Runner’s High comes with a scooper that is about the 3/4 of a table spoon, and lasted me about a month taking the product two to three times a week in about 6 ounce of water/juice. 


What’s in it?

The ingredients have the following

Note that the proud has blend of

OK enough of the science stuff…how does it preform?

Because I suffer from Anxiety and Panic disorder I was little nervous when I first took the product. One of the reasons is because the product has niacin in it, and the last time I took niacin my heart raced, skin got hot and prickly, and I started to sweat pretty bad, this feeling lasted about 45 mins. However, when using this product I didn’t receive any of those side effects – which I was very happy about!

During my Publix Half Marathon I took this product about 30 mins before my race in which I felt really good in the beginning, not hyped up, but just good. I was able to sustain a good race pace throughout the race and actually had a PR.

Race Primer has a lemon taste to it, when I was talking to the company they stated that the taste is slight and that I’d be able to mix it in almost any drink and I won’t be able to taste it. That wasn’t true, or maybe I shouldn’t try to mix a lemon flavor with coffee, because when I did – it was nasty! The drink also has a gritty/sandy texture to it, no matter how much I shake it up. Its taste fine and the gritty tastes goes away quickly.

I found that if I let the drink sit that the contents would settle to the bottom. As long as I continued to shake the drink the content would mix up, but as soon as I let it sit the contents would settle again. I believe that this why I get the gritty taste



  • Taste
  • Performance it gave me
  • Size of bottle – I know, I know size of bottle? Well I like that they don’t waste space


  • The gritty texture
  • The lack of dissolve in liquid


If you are looking for a product to give that that gumption on race day, I would recommend Race Primer. Now do I think that you are going to go out and run a sub 4 min mile, or run 100 miles if you can only do 10? No! But I do believe that if you are looking for your next PR or that epic run in which you “Killed It” proper training, eating right, and having a little Race Primer might do it for you.

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