Tired of those energy gels that leave you still needing energy? Meet Fuel 100 Electro-Bites 18

Real Run Ryan Fuel 100 Electro-Bites
Tired of those energy gels that leave you still needing energy? Meet Fuel 100 Electro-Bites

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach


Company – Fuel 100
Product Review – Fuel 100 ($13.20 six pack)
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As many of my subscribers know I’m big on finding the right mix that is going to give you the endurance you need to keep you going during your workouts. Especially for those long runs more that 2hrs long. I’ve talked about recovery with products such as Abloc. or pre-workout products such as Race Primer, and even other endurance products such as Honeymaxx, Mud Energy, or Pocket Fuel. But I was intrigued when I found Fuel 100 because of their unconventional product to endurance, that is a non-gel.

Who is Fuel 100?

Fuel 100 was birthed from two women who were endurance athletes. Their desire was to create a product that was an alternative to gels and sugary products, but would also give them the salt and calories they need to fuel their long runs, Like most athletes they knew about running but didn’t know much about the nutritional industry so “they enlisted the help of experts in the field of food and nutrition science, local food companies, commercial bakers, fortification blenders, and myriad other experts to develop a product that fit their needs. Using their families as their taste testers they produced batch after batch before honing in on the final recipe. One important element was to use all natural ingredients with the highest nutritional value possible.  Although they love the final formulation they plan to continually play with the recipe, working with new flavors, ingredients and nutrients.”

What is Fuel 100?

Fuel 100 are electro-bites made up of real food, they consist of Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Agave Syrup, Potato Starch, Sodium (190mg) , Magnesium (46mg), Potassium (55mg) to read all of their Nutritional facts link here. They come is a variety of flavors such as Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Salty Vanilla, Salty Vinegar, and Simply Salty.

The Bites!

I was given a variety of different flavors to try, by far I like the Apple Cinnamon the best, but I have to admit each flavor had their own uniqueness and tasted quite well. Each package seemed to be have about 20 “bites” in them and 5 “bites” gave me a mouth full. I  was really able to taste the salt in each bite, but the salt was not overpowering because if was balanced with the other flavors quite well.

Fuel 100 Endurance?

Ok, enough with the look and taste of the “bites” how did they perform? I found that the “bites” worked really well as I tried them on interval, tempo and long runs. However, I found that they worked on long runs the best For my interval (400m repeat) and tempo runs the “bites” didn’t give me that jolt of energy I like when using gel type products and what I need for these types of runs. During my long runs (more that 2hrs) I like to nibble every 10 mins to keep the blood flow to my stomach so that I don’t get stomach aches when I each a gel every hour/45mins. The “bites” allowed me to nibble and get the salt and calories I needed to sustain a more than 2hr run. I did have issues carrying the “bites” as they would crumble and break down to a powder when they were held in my running belt and water pack. I felt more than normal thirst. This was most likely due to the salt in the “bites”, my thirst wasn’t bad and I felt I could quench it with a few sips of water, but it was more than normal. I like to see them add a eye-hole on the package that way I could clip the bags on the outside of my running belt of water pack. In addition the eye-hole I love to see them add a zip to the top of the packages that way we could nibble on “bites” and allow me to save my “bites” on my runs.


  • Taste
  • Use of real-food
  • Performance/Endurance
  • Packaging – l like to see an eye-hole, and zip on the package
  • Breakdown of the “bites” when carrying them on my running belt or water pack

If you are looking for an alternative to gels, I would highly recommend Fuel 100, and if you are endurance athlete then Fuel 100 is a must as they will give you the salt and calories you need to fuel you for your miles.

Comment below on do you use Gels? If so, why? Have you thought about using an alternative?

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