The reflective running belt that could save your life! Meet the belt that shines, and shines bright – by Illumiseen 10

Real Run Ryan Review of Illumissen reflector belt

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Reflective Running belt review

As a runner I’m always in competition for space on sidewalks whether it be with other runners or walkers. You know, “on your left”, “on your right”, “watch your back”, “sorry”, “excuse me”, etc… So most times to make it easier to keep my pace, cadence, and form I find myself running on the shoulder of the road. Running the road helps me keep my pace, cadence, and form, but I find myself dodging cyclist and yet even sometimes cars. While living in Seattle for the last 20 years I found that the roads were wide enough to support runners/cyclist on the shoulders. Of course I would always wear some type of reflective material, but always felt is was overkill and most times felt I didn’t need it. My family moved to the Atlanta area last year due to a job change. And let me tell you – these drivers down here are CRAZY – VERY CRAZY! They all drive to fast and somewhat out of control, I’m even nervous running on the sidewalks. Since I still find myself getting onto the road I wanted to make sure that I wore some type of reflective gear that was not only highly reflective, could work day or night, and was comfortable to wear. I tried everything but most of the reflective items I tried were either worn in the night only, was very uncomfortable, or just didn’t work very well. That I until I found the Illumiseen reflective (running) belt.


The Illumiseen reflective (running) belt


The belt is well made, highly reflective, and LED last forever. One of the first things I noticed about the belt was how made is was. The buckle is made up of dense plastic and clips in well. The belt itself is made of of a cloth like material which has reflective tape running through it and gives the belt a 360 degree visibility. The material is pliable yet very, very strong. It adjusts easily on both sides of the buckle thereby giving you an exact fit.

The LED is powered by a recharge unit and comes with a micro USB. It takes about 2 hrs to have a full charge and the charge lasts about 36hrs. The belt comes with an option to blink which will give you even more time before charging. What I liked best about the product that due to it’s 360 visibility I wear it day or night, I found that most nights I don’t need to turn the LED on due to the high visibility.



  • Highly reflective
  • Comfort
  • LED charge time
  • LED lighting time (36hrs)
  • Quality


  • I’d like to see them incorporate a solar charger
  • I’d like to see the reflective tape along the cloth LED part of the belt

If you are looking for a a non-restrictive, highly reflective running belt then the Illumiseen Reflector Belt is for you. The quality of this belt is impeccable and with the 360 viability day or night it is a must in your running arsenal.

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