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By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach

Are you like me constantly looking for that perfect stretch? You know that stretch, the one that if you find it will take all of your tightness slowly away? Or maybe you have foot, ankle, Achilles, or plantar pain that you just can’t get rid of, you tried everything from shoes, insoles, to crazy little exercises, but nothing has worked. If yes, I totally understand! I too was where you are. I tried everything to help with my Achilles issues. I’ve tried every stretch known to man, I changed my shoes more than I count, and looked for every remedy on Youtube,  but nothing worked. That is until I found the One Stretch.

You see I was trying to treat the symptom not the problem. I found through my own research that my Achilles issues were not my Achilles at all, no, my issue was my tight calf muscles. I found that I needed to stretch these muscles to treat my Achilles. However, I needed to find something that can help stretch my calf muscles effectively, with a targeted stretch, and nothing does that better than One Stretch. Whether you are dealing with plantar fasciitis, Achilles, tight calfs, ankle mobility, midfoot arthritis or any other foot complications, One Stretch makes it easier for you to stay on your feet, as it treats the problem not the symptom.


One stretch is simple product designed by Dr. James Amis as a remedy for foot pain. What makes it unique compared to other remedies is that One Stretch addresses the root of the problem. Unlike field stretching, One Stretch doesn’t require too much effort. Designed for pain relief, One Stretch has proven to work best on foot pains that need immediate attention. Unlike other stretching machines, you don’t need some special knowledge to use it.

STEP 1: You should be standing between the wall and the device. The device should be in front of you close enough to the wall so that you can step on it.

One Stretch - Achilles Stretch Real Run Ryan

STEP 2: Lie on the wall on your back. With both your feet, climb onto the device. Slide your feet along the curve to get a your desired stretch intensity.

One Stretch – Achilles Stretch 2

STEP 3: Sink your feet slowly towards the floor. You should then feel your calf muscles stretch. If you do this perfectly, you shouldn’t feel any pain on your heels as your calf muscles stretch to its limit. You should feel the stretch in the calf’s, and calf’s only.

One Stretch – Achilles Stretch 1 Real Run Revuew



Most of the time, you’ll find that no matter how other devices appear to be effective, they are always accompanied by other complications that become more visible after your stretches.  Why? Cause they aren’t targeted stretches. I’ve found that most designers of these other devices overlook the benefit of targeted stretches. This is where One Stretch comes in. Unlike other calf muscle stretching devices, One Stretch is targeted and supports your arch while you are stretching ensuring that you have a targeted stretch.


As I said earlier, less is more when using the One Stretch you don’t need to use more energy to get the best out of One Stretch. You also don’t need to suffer from a motivation that ‘pain is gain’. One Stretch offers you a comfortable stretch unlike other stretching techniques such as using slant boards and many more. What you need to do is place your back against the wall, relax, sink your heels to the floor, and commence your stretch.


The One Stretch is easy to use and works for all ages. You simply step on the device and stretch. The Eva Foam pad also makes it easier to do your exercise without fear of slipping and falling making it convenient for the younger, middle-aged and older people.


Unlike other stretching techniques, One Stretch doesn’t require you to find a specific time or a better place to do it. It is space friendly meaning that you can place it anywhere around your house. Just put it in your living room, find a perfect spot on the wall for your back and proceed with the stretching while watching your favorite movie.


Compared to other devices, One Stretch is proven to work. I have found that the device is very effective in treating my Achilles. The device is not only good for Achilles issues, it treats plantar fasciitis, shin splints, runners knee, and a host of other aliments  listed here.


You don’t have to be more flexible. You also don’t have to force yourself to do what your body can’t do. One Stretch offers a variety of stretching positions that you can easily access by sliding your feet back and forth along the curve to set the intensity that suits you. The variable intensity allows you to start at a lower intensity then proceed to a higher intensity as you get used to it. Variable intensity ensures that you do your exercises comfortably and also prevent chances of calf muscle injuries.


Looking at the facts that surround foot pain, it is wiser to choose a remedy that will take into consideration your safety. One Stretch was designed by a health expert who has been dealing with foot pain for more than 20 years. He was more focused on the safety issues, performance as well as the comfort of the patient. His primary goal was to find a perfect solution to foot complications such as ankle mobility, tight calf’s, Achilles, midfoot arthritis and last but not least the most popular plantar fasciitis. For me One Stretch has proved to be my go to device when stretching.

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