LifeBEAM Smart Hat – The hat that can tell you your heartrate

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LifeBEAM Smart Hat – The hat that can tell you your heartrate

From the creators of the LifeBEAM smart helmet now comes the LifeBEAM smart hat. Located in Israel with operation centers in the US and China, LifeBEAM is a company that specifically deals with wearable bio-sensing technology for human performance measurement. According to the official company site, pilots, Special Forces and astronauts were the initial subjects for LifeBEAM products but the company has evolved to offer the same wearable bio-sensing technology to the world of extreme sports. The company invests heavily in research and development to push the edge in human performance measurement in sports and other physical activities

Introducing the LifeBEAM Smart Hat

The LifeBEAM smart hat can be basically be described as a running cap but with one major difference, it has inbuilt sensor for performance monitoring. The LifeBEAM smart hat incorporates intelligent modern technology and can be used for performance monitoring in a lot of activities. Be it running, hiking or number of other competitive sports, the LifeBEAM smart hat can collect precise measurement of your heart rate, calories and number of steps taken and send the data to a fitness watch or a Smartphone with a number of apps.

The technology was initially developed by LifeBEAM for monitoring vital signs of pilots, astronauts and military personnel. Recently, LifeBEAM released their sensing technology to the sports world, and with the incredible accuracy the LifeBEAM smart hat it with be a major competitor to the heart monitoring chest strap.

 The LifeBEAM Smart Hat

LifeBEAM Smat Hat Features

  • Professional dri-fit hat design
  • Optical heart rate sensor seamlessly incorporated within the heart for heart rate measurement
  • Strapless heart monitoring technology
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ wireless connection for connection to compatible Smartphone apps, cycling -computer and sports watch
  • A Velcro strap that fits all sizes
  • LED light and sound user interface
  • 17 hour battery capacity for continuous use

Benefits of using the LifeBEAM Smart Hat for running or exercising?

When compared to conventional performance monitoring techniques, this device has numerous benefits associated with its use. The following is an overview of some of the top benefits one stands to gain when using this device

Strapless technology

This is perhaps one of the most notable benefits I stood to gain when using my  LifeBEAM smart hat. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to strap the chest strap around my chest. I would always have some sort of chaffing and over a long run of 2hrs plus the chest strap always became annoyingly noticeable. With the smart hat,  the chaffing and uncomfortable feeling is a thing of the past, as noted the device incorporates the use of modern technology thereby eliminating the need for tight chest strap to be on your body to get vitals.  The relative strapless freedom can simply be described as being priceless!


The design of this smart hat incorporates an aspect of comfort. As you well know, comfort is of the essence when you exercise or go for any kind of run. This accessory is not only wearable but has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of various sports activities. For starters, the design of the smart hat is guaranteed to keep your head cool. The smart hat is not rigid, a surprising feature with have the sensors, and fits pretty snug on your head. I love that fact that the smart hat also has a mesh-like fabric as a measure for heat control that you see on other high-end hats from companies like Under Armor or Nike.

The smat hat is a one-size fits all as it has a Velcro strap that can be adjusted to accommodate all head sizes. Cleaning the hat is also quite simple too; all you have to remember is to remove the battery pack and wash the hat like any of your other active gear.

Advanced sensor technology that is incredibly accurate

The sensor technology that has gone into the LifeBEAM smart hat is quite advanced!  There is a step/cadence sensor that measures the number of steps an individual takes, a heart rate sensor at the front of the smart hat and a calorie sensor which is not a sensor, but a micro-controller that determines the calorie burnt by using data from the other two sensors. I found that the cadence and heart rate monitoring works better than conventional wrist and chest-based performance straps. I found this to be especially true when testing the hat against wrist heart rate monitors like MIO. This is due to the LifeBEAM smat hat is in constant contact with the head and as such, it cannot `misread’ the heart pulse due to wrist movement when exercising: this is a prevalent in most wrist-based performance monitoring systems.


The technology that has gone into creating this smart hat incorporates an aspect of compatibility. The hat has Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ functionality and as such, can connect to any performance monitoring Smartphone app and any other 3 rd party hardware such as Polar and Garmin.


As you may well know, practicality is very important when it comes to performance monitoring during sports. This smart hat can be used in almost all sporting activities; it also has a reasonably long battery life when compared to conventional products in the market: 17 hours

Pros and cons of the LifeBeam smart hat

The LifeBEAM smart hat has many advantages associated with it. The following is an overview of some of the advantages I found with it:

  • High level of comfort due to its design and the fact that it does not use any straps
  • Its high-tech sensors give precise measurements
  • It can connect with 3 rd party devices using Bluetooth and ANT+ and has been tested with over 300 third-party fitness devices
  • It is practical and can be used in different environments

As great as this hat is I did find some issues some of the cons are:

  • It cannot be used for performance monitoring for sporting activities in very cold conditions. One can opt to wear it under other protective clothing but i found this to be very uncomfortable
  • The cap may also blow off when subjected to strong winds as it rides a bit high on the head I found that it would fly off when hitting a good gust of wind
  • Cannot be used in contact sports such as rugby or other such activities

Final Verdict

When compared to other performance monitoring devices in the current market, the LifeBEAM smart hat is in a class of its own. Its comfort, functionality and technology that has gone into creating it makes it one of the best in the market. For me, it is a definite buy!

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