Marc Pro An Alternative Approach to Building Endurance and Improving Recovery Times

 The Marc Pro

The Marc Pro the solution to that lactic acid build up after a heavy workout: As athletes we know the pain and frustration we have after a long and/or heavy workout. The pain and stiffness that can set in can sometimes be unbearable, many of us take the dreaded ice bath or drop some ibuprofen (which is not a very good idea – see my article dangers of using ibuprofen). As an athlete this can set us back and stop us from enjoying our next workout. For those of us in a regular training cycles, we need to be able to cut down our recovery times, and improve endurance in order to reach peak fitness, and maximize our potential. However, doing so in a natural, beneficial way can be tricky. That’s why I was so excited to try The Marc Pro muscle stimulation device, as it boasted an interesting new approach to recovery. And I have to say WOW not only did I find the device innovated, simple to use, my recovery times were cut in half, sometimes even more.

Who is Marc Pro?

The company behind this new device is based in Huntington Beach, California, and has been working on research and development for these sorts of devices for the past 30 years. Their dedicated work into the potential of electrical stimulation devices led to the creation of technology that works on a different approach than other muscle stimulation devices. Further development led to the release of the user-friendly Marc Pro, and additional products, and the company is now selling their devices to teams and individuals across America.

What is the Marc Pro?

The Marc Pro is all about non-therapeutic stimulation via an alternative approach. Users are keen to point out that it’s not a TENS machine. A TENS system target nerves while this targets blood vessels, improving the capacity of your system. The key process here is nitric oxide production. Some bodybuilders take pre or post-workout supplements to enhance this, but this device eliminates that need by stimulating production and increasing vascularity. The device is fairly straight-forward – you get the system, a couple of lead wires, as well as few self-adhesive electrode pads – and it basically sends pulses to the muscles to aid their recovery. There is a second, more expensive option available: the Marc Pro plus. This system is designed to work harder to aid muscle pain as well as recovery, but I would tend to stick with the Marc Pro model because of the performance and cost.

The Marc Pro

Why should we athletes use the Marc Pro?

The company talks about “pain relief, recovery and conditioning for everyone” when promoting the device, especially the If you go running every day, regularly attend the gym, are part of a sports team or are training for a major event, this could really help. It certainly has the backing of many professionals and teams across America. Many NFL teams, major stars and emerging names across multiple sports are endorsing the product. I found that I was able to do back-to-back long runs and back-to-back speed workouts that normally I couldn’t do. It would usually take me one to two days to recover especially after a hefty track workout. By using the Marc Pro I was able to cut down my recovery in half with feeling no residual acid the next day. Now, is the Marc Pro only for athletes? No! My wife who is not an athlete has used the device on her lower back spasms and stiff neck and has seen some major improvement. She swears by the device and uses it regularly (it sometimes an issue J). So, I would recommend the Marc Pro even for non-athletes.

What are the pros of Marc Pro?

Easy to use: The Marc Pro is designed to be easy to use without any need for complicated programming or parts. It is simple enough to be used at work at their desk or watching TV, I most times forget that it was on. In fact, the system is so non-invasive that I have even fallen asleep using it. It has simple knobs to adjust the intensity a long with a screen that displays the various intensities, the best part is it can be used one-handed.

Can be tailored to certain muscle groups: The device has the ability to target certain areas and get in deeper than some other models to aid endurance. Individual physiology means that it can take a little practice to find the sweet spot, but it is pretty easy to learn the spots, and learn them fast. It did help that is came with an instructional manual that explained where to place the electrodes for each muscle group to maximize performance. The Marc Pro also has a litany of “how to” videos on their website showing you various places to set the leads to get the best out of the device.

Good battery life: The system comes with a wall charging unit and has a pretty long life, I found that I didn’t have to worry too much about it dying mid-session. I only had to charge it twice in a month.

Portable: The small size means that this is a portable device that can be taken to training facilities with ease. Just put it in its specially designed carry case, throw it in a bag and go – LOVE IT!

What are the cons of the Marc Pro?

Finding the time: The only potential problem I found was finding the time needed to carry out a session. The system needs to be used while resting, preferably when lying down, for 30-60 minutes shortly after exercise. This required some time management and is not always practical if you have gone running or are at a gym while at let’s say work.

Costly: By far probably the biggest con as the Marc Pro is not a cheap. The Marc Pro should not be bought for a little bit of improved endurance; instead, it is a big investment for ongoing improvements and conditioning. The makers of the Marc Pro know this, so they have provided choices and you can pay a one off cost of $649.95 for the normal model or $949.95 for the pro, but there is also an installment plan to make it a little more affordable. I love this as the company knows that this can be a big hit on the wallet, yet also knows the benefits the Marc Pro can have. So they are open to an installment plan.

There is also the cost of replacement pads once the included pack runs out. I know that this is a big investment that athletes need to be sure of, which is another reason why this is not necessarily for average users that will only use it occasionally.

The final verdict on Marc Pro

The creators of this clever little device are keen to promote it is the ideal device for all users that want a more beneficial way to reduce fatigue and improve recovery times. In reality, it definitely seems to be tailored for the serious athlete rather than the more casual user. The alternative approach and the science behind this system is strong and is clearly responsible for some great results, but it is still a lot of money, time and planning if it is not going to be used on a regular basis.

The bottom line is that Marc Pro can help users improve their endurance and recovery times, the design really does offer deep, targeted relief that can be customized to user needs and the simplicity of the device means that anyone can use it. If you are willing to make the investment, you could find that the Marc Pro device significantly improves your overall performance and ability to train and stay healthy.

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