Therawheel For Finding Deep Recovery Using Trigger Point Technology

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For Finding Deep Recovery Using Trigger Point Technology


Any device that claims to be able to speed up recovery times and get to work on deep, strained muscle tissue is a must for any athlete. We all need to be in prime condition for the next training session or race. The Therawheel is appealing to athletes like myself because it has the potential to speed up recovery, and aid in injury issues too. I also found that with it’s unique design it makes for a beneficial exercise and performance training as well. The Therawheel offers more than your usual roller system in order to attack aching muscles, I love how Tom Jennings the innovator of the Therawheel stated, “the only limit to Therawheel products is your imagination”. I found that to be very, very true!

Who is Therawheel?

The company behind the wheel is the creation of Tom Jennings, a certified athletic trainer with 25 years in the industry and a renowned career with the pacers. The design stemmed from his work with these basketball players in the NBA. Keen to improve recovery, endurance and performance in this sports environment, he decided to go against the conventions of standard rollers and worked on concave shapes and a tapered wheel that provided more versatility. The website boasts about “twenty-five years experience of helping Olympic, professional and weekend warrior athletes recover from injuries”.

What is the Therawheel?

You will see the term trigger point mentioned a lot in the specs and in blogs about this Therawheel. I knew about trigger points but never had a device that would allow me to hit these trigger points deeply. Yes, a foam roller allows you to discover them, but for me, I could never work them deeply. I found that the Therawheel allowed me to target the muscle tissue on  a deeper level where the foam roller couldn’t. The wheel uses a tapered design with 4.5”’ diameter beveled ridges to get deep into muscles. It is a concave solution that muscles can conform to and it uses a harder, tougher plastic to really dig in deep. The other element of the wheel is the handle. I found that that the handles allowed me to evenly roll it up and down my muscle thereby letting me control the pressure and release.

Interesting enough, not only did I use the Therawheel for recovery, I found myself grabbing it more and more for stability exercises,  like planks, core, and stretches. The Therawheel is versatile and compact enough to take it pretty much anywhere.

The Wheel!

What are the benefits of using the Therawheel?

Jennings states, “the truth is nobody really knows what occurs during soft tissue mobilization”. I understand if this honesty is off-putting, because it suggests that Jennings doesn’t really know what’s going on with this product. The precise end result may be a little vague, but what we do know is that this wheel has the potential to improve recovery times and performance with this alternative approach. This concave surface is designed to draw in muscle fibers for targeted recovery and the design also allows for new performance and corrective exercises, such as lunges, push-ups and planks.

The pros of using the device.

There are lots of little product details that add to the appeal here. An important one is that it is easily adjustable. This means that if I just want a basic cool down after a run I can use the mild option, but if my calf starts acting up then I can switch to the maximum option for a really deep release. I love the portability and how I can use it for no only my recovery, but my exercises too.

The cons of using the device.

It is easy to underestimate the power of this wheel. I found that it takes some time to figure out the design, and trust me when I say that if you push too hard, it can hurt! Even when you have the motions down to a precise art, it is still not comfortable and I don’t agree with all those that say that it make recovery sessions relaxing. But then again pain sometimes feels good.

The final verdict on the Therawheel.

There are going to be some users that do not get along with the style and feel of this product, and I fully understand if you end up trying this and decide to go back to the more traditional foam rollers. All I can say is that it works for my calfs and hamstrings condition, and I was impressed with the way that this unusual trigger point approach got to work. This can be a great tool for users that want to improve their recovery times, endurance and general performance as it really is as simple and versatile. If you are in training or play sports regularly, this little wheel could make a big difference!

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