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Zamst Review

Products for recovery and injury and prevention

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach

Zamst review – I have run for the past six years, and as a late comer (started when I was 38yrs old do the math :-)) to the running world I found that I was prone to some nagging injuries. Being a late comer my body was not as it once was in my teens and early 20’s where I could bounce back from being out all night and get up and run a 10K. I learned real fast that running, like most endurance sports takes time to break into, or you could injure yourself.

Running is about being and becoming an athlete, and with being an athlete, no matter how hard you try you will have setback and sometime injuries. My first injury took place about five years ago when I was training for my first marathon the Portland (OR) Marathon. During a long training run I injured my right Achilles, not being smart I powered through it, well not being my in early 20’s any longer my body didn’t take it to well, and it took me about 3 months to recover. Needless to say, I didn’t run that marathon. Every since injuring my Achilles it has become a nagging injury of mine that flares up from time-to-time. I’ve tried everything from compression sleeve’s , wraps, and KT Tape to help reduce the flare-ups, and it wasn’t too I found Zamst AT-1 product that not only reduced the flare-ups the device literally eliminated them.

Who is Zamst?

Zamst is a company that makes products to help athletes to be athletes. They use modern technology to engineer the most precise, cultured, and almost personalized products that seem to have been made specifically for each, individual athlete. The products fit so well, they are dubbed as an exoskeleton derived from the most advanced minds in the medical field. They offer Zamst athletes with the most technologically advanced products to help support, reinforce, and sustain the strength, flexibility, and endurance that the athlete has.

AT-1 ankle wrap

There are three products that I use regularly that keeps me loving my love of running. The first is the AT -1. This is the first product I bought, and one that I still use. It wraps around my heel and ankle and has an A-Strap and is adjustable, which is great because I have small heels. The fabric is lightweight but the technology provides a Heel Lock which prevents the heel from rotating either in or out. The best thing about this product is that I had tried other brands and they didn’t fit into my shoes as well as this one does. This one also has a breathable technology so that sweat does not stay inside the fabric causing embarrassing odor.

The ankle wrap

IW-1 Knee wrap

The second product I use is the IW-1 SET. This has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. It’s a very efficient way for an athlete to recover without being completely immobile. This product is a technologically advanced way for an ice compression to be held on an affected body part while still being mobile. I use this specifically for my knee. It has a precisely designed i-Fit that adjusts to hold a medical grade ice bag (which they give and is reusable) without falling off so I can ice my knee while still moving about. One of the things about being an athlete is that we do not like to sit still, so this product allows me to still do my work-outs (less legs lifts and running), while still taking care of an injury. It also has variable compression levels so that when I just have a pang of pain, I can just have a slight compression, whereas if a joint gets fully inflamed, I can use a greater compression level.

The knee wrap

HA-1 compression sock

The last product I use regularly is the HA-1 Compression. These are a type of compression socks that are sold in pairs. The pairs are not interchangeable but rather they are specific to the left and right foot, providing anatomically correct fitting and support. The technology of these is so advanced that you have to order them by size and I’m not talking about shoe size. These are so customized that you need to order them by the circumference of your calf and your ankle. They offer this gradual compression that starts from the ankle and works up through the calf. Circulation improves, flushing out all that bi-product which can cut muscle fatigue, which we know will then improve not only recovery but also endurance. Helps us to recover while helping us to go even further. It also feels good to have them on.

The compression sock

Over the years I have had a few injuries, but my Achilles has been the nagging one. The AT-1 provides support for my Achilles issues and is one of the products that I endorse the most. So many people I have met do not try the joy of running simply because they have Achilles issues – Zamst has the solution. The IW1 – SET has been an injury-recovery tool that I have recommended the most to my friends, even the non-athletic ones. I have also encouraged not only athletes but also older people and those with diabetes to use the HA-1 Compression socks. These are so great for muscle recovery and oxygen circulation. These are fantastic all-around products.

Most specifically, though, if you are prone to injury you should have these products, if you are not prone to injury, you should have these products for recovery – Zamst is all around products. Actually, Zamst has made it possible for me to prevent injuries, especially with my Achilles issues. I love running and Zamst has made it possible for me to continue this passion, even when injury occurs.

Ryan Light

About Ryan Light

I started to run after a very stressful time in my life. I suffered most of my life with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), panic, and anxiety. I tried everything from diets to conventional medicines – nothing worked. Running saved my life – literally, I was at the bottom with my OCD, panic, and anxiety, and on the verge of suicide. Running gave me a new found adventure, a goal, an escape so to say. It’s been seven years since I took my first run…Currently I have run over 40 Half Marathons, Three Full Marathons, and countless amounts of 5 & 10Ks” and loving every minute of it. I’ve made some outstanding friends, overcame challenges I thought I’d never could, and best of all found a passion in life! To learn more...

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  • Layne

    It’s really amazing how they design these things. I’ve had need problems for a while and those little straps (i don’t know what they’re called) help some, but I might need something more like this knee wrap. So do you use the same products for recover as you do for prevention?