When innovation meets Shorts you come up with Kippo

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When Innovation Meets Shorts

Kippo Shorts


When innovation meets Shorts you come up with Kippo. Kippo is a fairly new clothing company that started with a Kickstarter in 2015. Since then the brand has become very popular and for good reason. I can understand why people who have bought Kippo shorts recommend them for intense work out sessions. It’s one of those product in which you think to yourself, “HOW COME I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT? As with most folks that comment on the shorts, I’ve found that they are ideal for running and/or weightlifting. They are very durable and are able to handle the stretching that is caused by working-out and running. I found that the best part of these shorts are the ability to hold my smartphone in place with out rattling, shaking, jumping and ultimately damaging it or causing irritations during work outs.

What is Kippo

Kippo designed and founded by Mark Kinsley. Frustrated with workout gear that “he couldn’t find a solution that offered security and accessibility, so he set out to create a better experience for people who workout with a smartphone.” Mark launched his product on Kickstarter on the 24th of march 2015. Within one hour  the “project was named a Kickstarter Staff Pick” and their goal of raising $50000 was reached within 20 days of the product being launched. Overall 928 backers raised $ 64,563 which enabled the funding for 1200 pairs of shorts.

The Shorts

The Kippo shorts are a brand new innovation – patent pending. It features a smartphone pocket that is completely secure and accessible. The smart phone stays securely in place regardless of what physical activity you are engaged in and the phone can be taken out easily when ever you want. Made in the USA, these shorts are perfect for work outs, weightlifting, running and Crossfits. The quality of the material that goes into making the shorts is very high quality and durable. You can tell the Mark thought about the user experience in the way the shorts fit and the design of the pocket that holds the phone.

Kippo shorts are very easy to get into. They stretch in a way that fits the contour of your body perfectly. You won’t have to hold your smartphone or tuck it into another holder as you can use the innovative pocket that ensure 100% safety and easy accessibility. The goal of the shorts are to maximize your work out experience that fits into your modern lifestyle. The Kippo pocket is designed for the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5/4/3 and devices that are similar to these. You simply have to slip your phone into your pocket and undergo what ever form of exercise have planned with out any hassle.


In my eyes Kippo is an outstanding product that has proved to be one of my favorite shorts. The product has a bright future ahead of it. I think that it is an innovation that will benefit everyone. The shorts do not only serve a specific purpose, they also look fantastic, most times I wear them not doing a run or working out. They are so comfortable you will barely even notice your phone. I highly recommend Kippo shorts!

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