Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Running Shoe Review


sauccony GTX 9 Gor-tex Real Ryan Review

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Running Shoe Review

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX – The Saucony company has one of the most competitive and diverse footwear in the world, and while their designs are known for their sleekness in sophistication and class, there are those foot wears that break all barriers and come out as exceptional in price and quality. One of these shoes that are in a class of their own is the Saucony RIDE 9 GTX shoe.

Let’s not take my word for it, but look at the features that set it apart from your regular running shoe.

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Overview

When Saucony created this shoe, they were designed to sit on the neutral side of the support, and also incorporated adequate cushioning for the runner. In practice, this allows you to concentrate on maximizing your performance in an activity effortlessly as they blend with your feet to experience more energy return than any other products in the market. The RIDE 9s have heights of 19mm in the forefoot stack and a 27mm heel stack; this gives the shoe an offset of 8mm of cushioning. When it comes to its predecessor, the RIDE 8s, you will notice that the Ride 9s is taller on its stacks by 1 mm, yet lighter by 0.1 ounces. Its design is almost similar to one of their other shoe, the Kinvara 7s, but with more durability, cushioning and weight.

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Upper fit

One of the differences that you will encounter with the RIDE 9 GTX is that they have ditched the thick overlays material that was used in Ride8 and Ride 7, to the Flexi Film which is tougher and stronger; you will notice that the shoe now feels more flexible and seamless. RIDE 9 incorporates GoreTex fabric, seamlessly joined to the Flexi Film.  The Gore-Tex runs through the back and the greater parts of the shoes front’s half to create a waterproof barrier throughout the shoe. This combination of the Gore-Tex and FlexiFilm means that the shoe will fit snuggly on your feet even when they expand during exercise but also absorb the sweat as the Gore-Tex is designed to resist water, but allows moisture and sweat to pass through.

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Sole Unit


For the toe and heel of the shoe, Saucony uses the durable carbon rubber specified by the industry standard and a high dampening blown rubber around the sole midsection. For the carbon rubber, Saucony uses a unique blend (XT-900), while the blown rubber uses an extremely lightweight but durable rubber material (iBR +). Both of these are a unique blend of rubbers that ensures cushioning longevity, they have been used by the Saucony Company in the previously launched shoes, but the difference that you will find in the RIDE 9s is that it uses the Tri-Flex rubber Layout.

Tri-Flex layout has always been the preferred sole layout method, as it helps your toe to have better ground contact with the ground compared to other rubber designs while increasing the force dispersed over a larger surface area; this is more noticeable when running on wet terrain or running trails. The deviation from earlier models now comes in the RIDE 9 halting the usage of PowerGrid foam in its midsole and the introduction of the EVERUN on its top sole. The EVERUN material claims to be 3× more durable and having an energy return of 83% more than the EVA foam. In the midsole, the RIDE 9 GTX uses SSL EVA foam to help in restoring some energy back to the athlete with every stride, while keeping the weight of the shoe down. Other materials used include, the SRC (Super Rebound Compound) which is ideal for absorbing most of the shock on your outer rear heel when you land.

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Performance

So, with all those excellent additions to the RIDE 9, how is its performance on the ground? Well, it certainly is one of the best neutral shoes out there with its flexibility, incredibly smooth and stable ride that is designed to handle all kinds of running, from light jogging to moderate and tempo paced running through any terrain. The Upper fit is comfortable to the runner as it stretches to accommodate foot expansion, while the lightweight, breathable materials absorb and evaporates the sweat in your feet while repelling liquid water away, this makes these shoes the best in an all-weather condition. The Sole unit is designed to maximize the comfort while using the least energy possible by ensuring stability and maximization on energy return. The bottom line is that the Saucony Ride 9 GTX is an excellent running shoe that is durable and comfortable, performing well on all track surfaces and roads

Saucony RIDE 9 GTX Conclusion

The RIDE 9 GTX shoe is perfect for a daily trainer with the design and materials optimized to provide stability, excellent arch support, flexibility, responsiveness, waterproofing element and decent traction all at a reasonable price. I wouldn’t hesitate to endorse them to anyone ranging from an athlete to a daily runner, as their lightness make them suitable for marathons, but having enough cushioning to take the heavy daily run punishment.

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