Bunions Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Them

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Bunions Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Them

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach

Bunions natural treatments to get rid of them – Bumps caused by the large bones are known as bunions. It appears on the base portion of the big toe, and it is due to the abnormality in the growth of the internal portion of the joint. When the additional bone forms in the big toe, it produces misalignment in it, which results in a visible bump on the side of the toe and it is called as the deformity of hallux valgus. The position of any normal toe is straight, but in this disease, the bone is not straight, in fact, it comes in the outward direction.

Best Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Bunions

Below are some of the best natural treatments, which can help to get rid of the Bunions.

Use Lemon Juice and Iodine to Treat Bunions

Iodine is one of the elements, which has vast medical properties to cure many medical conditions and bunions are one of them. Similarly, the lemon is considered to be one of the best natural resources, which includes vitamins, and also it is best for the cure of bunions.

  • Treatment: The Lemon and Iodine can be used separately, but to get faster effects, you are required to mix both the ingredients together in the same quantity (lemon juice and iodine) and apply the mixture on the bunions.

Olive Oil is also good to Getting Rid of Bunions

Olive Oil is another great source to get rid of your bunions. So, if you want to see the results, then you must follow the treatment.

  • Treatment: You are required to get some Olive oil to use on your bunions. First, you need to warm the olive oil, but make sure it is not much hot to avoid burn. Then gently massage the area of bunions, feet, and toe for about 15 minutes, and continue the process on a regular basis and massage your toe and bunions area twice a day. The synovial fluid moves around the areas of the bones and the bunions part because of the massage, as the massage maximizes the blood circulation in the feet. The synovial fluid helps in the lubrication of the joints, which results in the minimization of bunions

Try Some Foot Exercises to Treat Bunions

There are few exercises that you can perform to get rid of your bunions and pain, and they are as follow

  • Toe Stretch: This is one of the best exercises you can perform to get rid of the pain given by bunions in your feet.
  • Toe Contracting and Flexing: Place your toes against a wall or any other hard surface and give pressure on your toes to get the contracting and flexing sensation. Pressure should be given for about 10 seconds and then repeat the exercise four times.
  • Stretching Big Toe: This exercise includes the stretching of the big toe in a very gentle manner. Try to align your bone by the help of stretching and repeat this every day for about three to four times.

Ice Pack is Another Good Way to Getting Rid of Bunions

The ice pack is another option to get rid of your bunions, especially if you go through a lot of pain.

  • Treatment: Simply get a pack of ice and gently massage your bunion area for about 20 minutes and in different intervals every day.

Feet Remedies

There can be several problems with your feet and therefore, it is important that you must be aware of quick feet remedies. Among various feet issues, the major complaints are the feet pain, so here are some names of the treatments, which can help you in overcoming your feet pain and various other issues.

  • Massage of Hot and Cold Water
  • Use of Vinegar for Inflammation
  • Use of Clove Oil on the feet

You can Also Use Castor Oil

You can reduce the inflammation and pain due to bunions by using castor oil.

  • Treatment: Simply dip a clean cloth in the oil and then carefully wrap it around all the area of your bunion. Use a towel to cover the area to hold the heat and repeat this procedure thrice a day until the pain does not go.

Try Epsom Salt to treat Bunions

If you cannot get the Castor Oil, then you can use the Epsom salt because it has same properties and effects on the bunions pain and inflammation as of the Castor Oil.

  • Treatment: Soak your feet every day for twenty minutes in a lukewarm water tub, which includes Epsom salt, almost a half of a cup in quantity. The continuation of this process will result in the diminishing of the Bunions, so make sure you repeat this process twice in a day.

Use Red Pepper to Getting Rid of Bunions

Red Pepper is also one of the best natural ways to get relief from your Bunions pain.

  • Treatment: Simply cut the half red pepper and apply the internal material of the pepper on your bunion. Then use a bit of a petroleum jelly on the bunion and put a bandage on your bunion to cover it. Repeat this process twice a day and don’t forget to wash your hands after you apply this procedure.

Soak Your Feet in Warm Water to Getting Rid of Bunions

Another authentic way to get rid of bunions is by giving a warm water massage to your bunions.

  • Treatment: Simply add warm water in a tub and soak your feet, especially the bunion area for 20 minutes and repeat this process twice a day. It will help you to get rid of the pain and inflammation, and also you will see that your bunions will begin to reduce.

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