Is Your Child Suffering From Anxiety? What You Need To Know

Child Anxiety What You Need To Know As A Parent Real Run Ryan

Is Your Child Suffering From Anxiety? What You Need To Know

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach

If your child is expected to go through a significant change in life or has experienced a change, such as changing schools or losing a family member, then your child might suffer from anxiety. Many people think that this is something that only adults deal with, but children are sometimes more anxious than adults. They just seem to handle the anxiety in different ways, such as staying in a bedroom and not talking to anyone or even acting out and not listening to teachers or parents.

Child Anxiety? Reassurance

This is one of the first things that you should do with a child who is suffering from anxiety. Sometimes, the child simply needs to know that you are there to talk to when the child is ready to talk. Let the child know that you can be trusted without pressuring the child to talk.

Worry Is Good

Examine why the child might be worried, and inform your child that a certain amount of worry is a good thing. It will help the child examine life situations and allow the mind to trigger a response in the body that is protective so that nothing happens and that the child survives danger. If there is a significant worry, then the child needs to know that it’s alright to talk to an adult, even if it’s not you at the time.

Examining Thoughts

One way that the child can talk about what’s wrong without talking to you is to speak with a professional with the proper training, like a master of counseling. It’s best to find a counselor who specializes in working with children. The child can talk to the counselor without fear of being embarrassed. A counselor often has a room that is set up with child-friendly objects, such as toys or coloring books, so that the child is comfortable while talking.

Help To Reach Goals

If your child is worried about a new school or going to a special event, then take the child yourself and show that there is nothing to worry about. Avoiding a situation is often what makes it worse and causes more anxiety because the child will worry about what would have happened if the child would have went to an event. Create small goals that can be met before bigger goals are reached.

Your child might be nervous about many things in life, but you don’t know that the child is nervous and anxious because the feelings aren’t expressed. Children sometimes bottle emotions inside and let worry eat at them before they make a decision to talk to someone. Be there for your child, offering encouragement and ideas for reaching goals in life.

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