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Boost your Brain Power Real Run Ryan

Health Expert: How to Boost your Brain Power

By Ryan Light, Running/Anxiety Coach

We can safely say that the majority of people around the world are on the lookout for various ways to boost their brain power. It’s a natural goal that we are constantly trying to achieve. This is great because when people start looking for ways to improve themselves, amazing things happen! However, there are some ways which aren’t good for you. Various ‘medications’ can have adverse effects, and unnatural ways to boost your brain power can damage your brain. There are natural ways which you can do this, as well as using Nootropics (which are supplements that help improve your cognitive abilities. You can find more by following a Nootropic Blog. We will mention some natural ways to help you improve your brain power, such as physical activity, mental training, relaxation, etc.

Physical Activity

Scientists have proven that physical activity that keeps your body going can help improve your brain power. Why is this so? Well, your body requires more oxygen when you exercise which means that your blood gets enriched with oxygen as well. Blood, naturally, goes to the brain and enriches the brain too. There are some other aspects as well, but all you need to know is that physical activity is extremely healthy for an individual.

If it’s difficult to start working out, consider this: When you work out, you help your body, you help your mind, and you help your soul. Your body will improve and get better and stronger, your mind will become more powerful and efficient, and your soul will be able to relax and disregard problems from your life. You might even come to certain conclusions regarding your problems so that you may solve them after working out. There aren’t any adverse effects that accompany physical activity, so get out there and take a jog around the park!

Connect with the environment

Surprised to see this mentioned? Well, you shouldn’t be. Studies have shown that individuals who sit at home all the time and stare at computer screens and mobile phones exhibit worse mental skills than people who constantly spend time in nature, either exercising or simply relaxing. The breath of fresh air and the tranquillity that nature provides simply bring up the best in a human. Your mind will be able to wander to wherever it wants, and you’ll feel much better afterwards. Trust us on this – Whenever you can, take a walk in the park, or a stroll around the coast, or a hiking trip to a forest; The more possibilities around you, the better you will feel.

Learn something before sleep

The human brain is fascinating. It’s so complex, yet it’s able to do so many things – and we didn’t even scratch the surface. Scientists have been observing two groups of people: One that reads or learns something before sleep, and another that doesn’t do any of these activities.

They’ve come to the conclusion that the brain remembers information best an hour or two before sleep. We aren’t necessarily sure about what causes this phenomenon, but it has something to do with the brain’s innate state during sleep where it ‘rearranges’ problems, memories, and information so that it’s absorbed more efficiently. So, if you want to boost your brain power and cognitive abilities – learn something before going to sleep!

Start writing

And by writing, we don’t mean typing on a computer. Did you know that working with your hands, for example: washing the dishes, writing, and similar tasks, improve your cognitive abilities? It’s true! Numerous studies have proven this as fact. You don’t even need to write novels or songs or anything similar, simply write. Write a journal, write down some food recipes you saw online, write anything you wish. Even drawing is good! When you look at it scientifically, drawing and writing activate your creativity and imagination centres, so your brain is always working on thinking about new things!

Look at cute kitten photos

Surprise, surprise, kitten photos boost your brain power! Well, that, and making you feel happy, relaxed, and fuzzy at the same time! While this seems like a worthless idea, it’s true. Cute kitten photos turn on certain centres in our brain that relax us and make us want to pet and cuddle that cute kitten. This also means that our brain is always working to process the numerous feelings as well as information!

Mnemonic devices may help you memorise

Mnemonic devices are simply methods that you can use to improve your memory, mainly through reprogramming your brain’s ability to remember information. By doing these techniques, we are developing our brain in such a way that it encodes and recalls information much more efficiently. In other words, we’re giving our brains and overdrive! There are numerous techniques so we won’t list them here, but be sure to check them out – they can help you big time!

Stress management

This is perhaps the most important part of our article. Stress is a big game changer and not in a good way either. Stress can make your brain ‘fry’ because it’s working so hard through all the excess information and feelings and it still can’t manage to do something good. Stress can make you very sick, stress can make you clumsy, and stress can make you forget things… Simply said, stress is bad.

So bad, in fact, that millions of people have complications because of stress. Learning to manage your stress levels can help promote healthier brain functioning and prevent cognitive decline. This takes some time but rests assured; people have managed to do that and change their lives for good. Take care of stress, and you’ll get your brain back on track! A healthy brain means a healthy life, and if you’re stressful, you won’t be having a good time. Manage your stress and notice how your memory, problem-solving ability, and various other functions improve. Get rid of stress!


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