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Why Foot Scientific Arches Orthotics Are The Best Option For Athletes With High Arches

Many of us complain about the problems we face in getting a comfortable shoe that fits if we need a half size or our feet are a little wide. This is nothing compared to all those that struggle with bigger issues in the shape of their feet and foot pain. There are under-pronators and over-pronators. There are those with flat feet due to fallen arches and those that have high arches. Most shoes don’t cater for such a wide range of variation and many people suffer with pain and risk of injury through insufficient support. Some may consult with a podiatrist to correct the issue and receive some form
of orthotic device to place in their shoes. The problem here is that many are still too basic, uncomfortable and don’t do enough. This is especially  true for athletes that need the best possible support system in a sports shoe.

The Foot Scientific Type 3 Arches Orthotics system is part of a large range of interesting devices that are bucking this trend.

Many consumers have surely given up on the idea of a comfortable, well-made orthotic for their personal foot complaint, and many go on walking in silence. Foot Scientific insist that it doesn’t have to be this way and have created a series of specialist devices that provide comfort and support for different users. Their aim is that anyone in the general population can “achieve support, comfort, and correction until now only hoped for through a custom made orthotic”. This promise extends to athletes in need. The company have been working on cleverly-crafted products for 10 years, with a
focus on foot correction and performance. At the time of writing this, they claim to have 12 performance enhancements and 3910 lives improved, although that is sure to have increased by now.

What is it about these Foot Scientific insoles that makes them better than the standard orthotics of the podiatrists?

A lot of the appeal and success of the company’s products comes from the careful use of materials, the clever placement of the support system and a general understanding of the different issues that we can face with our fit. They are not telling people to simply add an arch or some gel cushioning and expect massive changes. Normal orthotics tend to be tough and simplistic. Here we have products that are sophisticated and able to mold to the user’s foot with consistent walking. There are different layers in place to correct the shape of the foot and relieve pain. This includes a stay dry mesh, a comfort layer of EVA foam, the heel stabilizing padded foam and some form-correcting molded cork.

What Is the Type 3 Arches Orthotics system?

One of the reasons that so many athletes and foot pain sufferers turn to Foot Scientific is the range of products that are on offer. There is the acknowledgment that not all feet are built the same way and it is impossible to continue with a one-size-fits-all mentality to orthotic devices. This is first seen in their categorization of their specialist orthotic devices. There are three different types here: we have the Type 1 product for pronation and flat feet, the Type 2 product for “neutral” orthotics and support from the ball to the heel and finally the Type 3 product for Cavovarus orthotics and high arches.

It is all about keeping the heel and ankle in the right position with gentle realignment. The product uses a lateral wedge of 3 degrees in the heel to correct supination and place the foot in what should be a natural position. The focus may appear to be around the heel, but the shape and use of materials is carefully considered across the entire device for the ideal positioning and cushioning for the arch and forefoot. This includes what their own patented longitudinal recess on the forefoot to address balance and add to the stability.

The question for many athletes is why this product? What it is about this set-up that makes Foot Scientific orthotics so beneficial when training?

The issue of support and alignment is important when looking for the ideal running shoe, but it can be difficult for athletes to find the perfect fit and support system in general athletic footwear. Orthotics like this provide a dependable support system for comfort and correction that allows them to push harder and train for longer. It is ideal of neutralizing the foot, taking it back to where it should be so athletes have no concerns other than their speed, distances and performance.

More importantly, these strong, comfortable devices can reduce the risk of not only aggravating current conditions, but of developing new injuries. One of the biggest issues with high arched feet and supination is the risk of rolling the ankle. This can lead to dangerous injuries on the running track and sprains that can derail a training program. This corrective structure reduces that risk. At the same time, the cushioning relieves the pressure on the tendons in the arch and on the heel. Metatarsalgia pain and plantar fasciitis can both plague the careers of athletes if they are not treated and corrected.

The great news with these devices is that there are many positive reviews from buyers that saw significant improvements. It sounds simplistic to say that a simple change in the shape of the sole of a sports shoe, or the composition of the cushioning and support, is enough to fix major foot complaints. However, it has been proven that these simple realignments and specialist designs can reduce pressure and pain to the extent that users feel like they can tackle their goals with ease. There are runners that can now hit the track with power and peace and mind that they won’t turn their  ankles. There are dancers with years of foot pain that are back in the studio expressing themselves.

There is no doubt that the Foot Scientific Type 3 Arches Orthotics system can make a massive difference.

There are many reasons why athletes and other consumers are so quick to recommend these orthotic devices to others suffering with high arches and foot pain. Many focus on the immediate relief that comes from the clever use of cushioning and pressure relief in all the right places. Others go beyond this to the long-term benefits of having such a durable, reliable system in place to correct issues with time and add them across their training programs. Beyond that, there is the simple fact that these devices succeed where traditional orthotics and podiatry have failed. There are some people that test out this system after years of failed treatment and uncomfortable products and are blown away by the difference that they make. Foot Scientific understand what it really means to create a supportive, corrective device for real feet. The range of products, adaptive nature and clever design mean that athletes and everyday users can try these products and not look back.

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  • Eddie

    Does FootScientific ever pick up their phone? I’m a pretty irate customer that has not gotten a response yet to any of my inquiries.

  • Leo Autry

    This product has a design patent, not a utility patent. The design patent is based on the graphics, not the shape or any other functional feature. The Arch Rival by DJO( Don Joy) was out and patented years before this. In fact, if you compare the 2, the foot science orthotic is almost an identical copy in many of the dimensions and shapes. Even the curvature of the arch and contours are extremely similar. I’ve purchased both and some easy research on Google will show this to be true

  • Jennifer

    This is a great read. As a runner who is plagued achilles tendonitis, the information on the foot system is very useful. I’m really curious about the price though.