Compression Gear Benefits Both Running and Anxiety

Compression Gear Benefits Both Running and Anxiety Real Run Ryan Run Coach

Compression Gear Benefits Both Running and Anxiety

Anxiety can plague the best of us. Work, relationships, or just plain life, in general, can create situations and conversations that we were not prepared for. In some cases, anxiety can be crippling, taking a negative toll on our health and mindset. Did you know both running and compression clothing items can help ease anxiety? Burnout doesn’t have to happen; there are things you can do to help yourself through a difficult and stressful time in your life.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can be an actual disorder, or it can be created from external factors. Stress is the main cause of worrying and anxiety. It can be from the loss of a loved one, employment issues, workload or being overworked, relationships, financial stress, drug or alcohol related issues, and many others. Anxiety can be managed in a healthy way versus having to take pills or prescription drugs.

Run Away Your Stress

Exercise, particularly running, have shown positive impacts on both physical and mental health. When one runs, endorphins that make you feel happy and boosts self-esteem are released. When a person feels happier and healthier, there is no room for anxiety, and the panicky feelings will fade. Not only can it help you stay in shape, but running also helps produce a positive mindset. Setting a schedule and committing to run provides a feeling of self-worth and better mental health. Running is a forward-motion that triggers your mind to begin thinking in a forward-like mentality as well. Dwelling on the stressors in our lives will no longer be the center of our focus as we move both our bodies and minds forward through running.

Running and Compression

Compression gear is used by many athletes, runners, and people that suffer from poor circulation or swelling and inflammation in their arms or legs. These items have a lot of spandex in their creation which squeezes the limbs and muscles. It reduces swelling and gets the blood pumping. Many runners use them after a race or training for faster recovery and fewer inflammation issues, especially after strenuous runs.

Anxiety and Compression

Compression gear improves blood circulation, which can help your body recover and rest. These items apply pressure, which is something that comfort many people suffering from anxiety. Items such as shirts, shorts, socks, leggings, armbands, footwear and many others exist on the market today. The firm, squeezing sensation they provide is a sensory trigger that allows many people to feel comforted. They can be worn during or after physical exercise, or anytime you feel like your stress and anxiety levels have increased.

Compression Clothing Frequency

These items are made to help, but there are time limits on their usage. The tight fit of the gear is not meant to be worn all day every day. After strenuous exercise, traveling for hours, or anytime you feel anxious, upset, or are struggling with inflammation, these items can be used. Many people wear them to bed and remove them in the morning, or wear them during flight or travel and remove them upon arriving at their destination. If anxiety has flared up, they can be worn for several hours or part of the day until you feel more at ease or comforted.

Being physically active is a key component in reducing stress and anxiety. It gives your brain and body something positive and healthy to do and to focus on. Breathing exercises, compression clothing, and other anxiety-relievers are out there to help you conquer fear and worry and let you live your life in a happy, healthy manner as you were meant to.

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Bio: Sarah is the Editor of Compression Info. She lives an active lifestyle and uses compression gear to keep herself in tip-top shape. She aims to help others learn about the benefits of compression gear and living a healthy lifestyle.

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