Runner? How to Make Friends With Pain

How to Make Friends With Pain

Runner? How to Make Friends With Pain

“I only run if there are zombies chasing me.”


How many runners have heard that phrase before? I’ve certainly heard it enough times that it is hard not to roll my eyes. Many people claim to “hate running” for a number of reasons, from a dislike of becoming sweaty to saying how running is just boring. But I know the real reason people are turned off by running.

Running hurts, plain and simple.

Those of us who fall in love with running have had to learn how to deal with a certain amount of discomfort. But what happens after experiencing a serious injury? It can be hard to manage the pain you struggle with post-injury. I have had to learn how to deal with several levels of injuries, from shin splints to developing stress fractures in both feet.

To achieve full recovery, I’ve had to learn to befriend the pain my body was experiencing. I would like to share the basic techniques I developed to learn how to work with my pain, rather than have it debilitate me.

Staying Positive In The Face Of Pain

Pain can have widespread and lasting effects on the sufferer. Not only can it disrupt physical functions but chronic pain can have mental consequences. You may struggle with depression and loss of motivation as you recover from your injury. This makes it even more important to focus on positivity.

Many of us court the endorphin high when running. But when you are dealing with pain while running, it can feel like all the good feelings have been replaced with pain. Fight this feeling by looking for positive things to focus on. Maybe you see and greet another runner, or try to maintain a smile throughout your whole run. Even if all you have is the mental energy to admire the foliage, that can be enough for you to embrace your pain and work through your run.

Rebuild Your Running Base

When it comes to running and pain management, you need to approach your workouts carefully. Many people try to pick up their training where they left off before they were injured. Do not do this as it will almost guarantee you will re-injure yourself. You can start losing strength in just two weeks of resting and most painful running-related injuries aren’t resolved so quickly.

You will need to take it slow and start rebuilding your running base as if you are a new runner. If pushed too soon, your body is likely to rebel. Receiving a personalized training plan can be an incredibly helpful tool, as your coach can build it with your particular injuries in mind.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Most of all, remind yourself why you run. We all have our personal goals and motivations. Focus on them and let your vision and goals of the future carry you through painful times.

Also, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So listen to your body’s pain responders to prevent injuries, and become friends with the pain you cannot prevent.

Kevin Jones is a full time professional fitness expert. When he isn’t in the gym, he is offering practical research, fitness plans and nutritional tips to the world. Kevin regularly contributes to many fitness and health authority websites. With a passion for family, fun, and fitness, Kevin has found a way to manage and combine these three aspects in an effective and successful way. Connect with him online; LinkedInTwitter



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