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Getting Started in Running (How To)?

People always ask me, “Ryan, how did you get started in running so late in life?” Backed up with another remark like. “I’d love to run, but I can’t my knees, my back, I get winded, etc…” We’ll let me start by saying that if you want to begin to run…well begin. The first step to any success in life is to start, that is, you know, half the battle. But what I’ve found with most people is that they start wrong or they don’t start at all. With running you need to start slow, you need to build up your stamina so that you can run without losing your breath or wanting to quit because you overdo it. Whenever I coach someone new I usually put them on a plan that would allow them to build their endurance over time. Lots of people have a wrong view of training when starting to run.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. Never, ever, ever train off of miles, always train off of time. My running coach instilled this into me when I began my running journey.  He would also make me run by time rather than distance, I would always complain to him and ask him why. Well as every good coach would do, he would tell me, “trust me”, it wasn’t after learning how to run for 3 hours I finally got it. The body/mind needs to learn how to run certain amount of time long or short distances. There are some theories out there that are in the mindset of running short distance go for time, running long distances go for miles. I train for time rather than distance no matter how many miles I’m running.
  2. When starting I would recommend the walk/run method:
    1. Run three times a week until you can run 18 mins straight.
      1. The first day walk for 5 mins and run for 1 min
      2. The second day walk for 4 mins and run for 2 mins
      3. The third day walk for 3 mins and run for 3 mins
      4. Etc…
  3. Once you can run for 18 mins straight do that for two weeks, again running three times a week.
  4. Now to build in time. Depending on what your goal is, let’s say a 10K race. I would start to increase my overall time by 10% each week. So if you run 18 mins three times a week that is a total of 36 mins for the week. The following week increase it by 10%, OK tact on 5 mins when your at this stage, but once you get to running an hour you really want to do to the 10% increase.

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5 thoughts on “Getting started in running

  • Ty Baird

    Hi Ryan, I have just been diagnosed with attrial fibbrilation but i really want to start running, im 52 yrs old and i weigh 11 st 10 lbs, will my condition affect me and am i too old and overweight? Also im very unfit. Not Good i know but is there any hope and what would you reccomend i do? Many thanks Ty.

  • EmilyAngela

    Thank u. I am going to try this. im 52yrs n while Being where I am at is better than where I was, this starting over again thing is hard. I struggle with having to go thru it at my age!! Life is what I make it right, positive thoughts manifest positive life….but I look in the mirror think about my age and plop on the couch thinking ugh. on the couch I browse social media n I see your tweets…thank you for tweeting..really..thank you.