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Running Coach Services

Looking for a running coach? Whether it’s to get back into shape, want to run your first race, or an experienced runner looking to PR your next marathon, I can help you reach your goals. Need personal training, or just some guidance? I have a program which will fit all runners. As a running coach, I offer personalized coaching, training schedules, or you may participate in one of my local group training sessions to learn proper techniques. Every plan is personalized by me; I am solely responsible for the material, time, and the coaching. During personalized coaching sessions, you will be communicating directly with me. My personalized coaching is more than just providing information.

Keep in mind, this is not just for distance running; my invitation extends to those looking for sport-specific training as well. Running is an excellent means of bettering your health, cardio, and establishing a base for all athletics. It allows you to also keep fit in the off-season.

Meet Real Run Ryan

I have been running over 8 years; ran hundreds of training miles, wore-out tons of running shoes, and have completed countless races,including 40 half marathons. Though I have struggled through the occasional race, I found the energy to finish. This would NOT be possible without following proper running techniques and workouts. I have also experienced minimal injuries, which is directly attributed to my personal running training regimen. This is what I will be presenting to you.

Benefits of a Personal Running Coach

With proper running training comes better times and faster recoveries. Following my advice will actually make you feel better about your training program, as I will be there to get you to your goal. Unless you understand what to change, it could be difficult on your own. This is where a coach helps. A personal running coach can determine where you may need assistance and is there for the ever-needed motivation…a kick in the pants, sort of speak. For more experienced runners, you may only need occasional input. It could be a question about your long run for the week, or why your progress has been slow, etc. I am confident that one of my programs will help you reach your goals.

Coaches can provide needed motivation and direction, and help with your running style, pace, and objectives. Though I cannot run your training runs for you, I certainly understand how you feel and how to overcome almost any circumstance preventing your success.


Finishing with a PR at your next race may be as simple as one small adjustment to your training regimen, your gate, or diet. For example, just the simple fact of losing a couple pounds can actually make a huge difference. Often runners want to lose weight, but what they neglect to do is continue re-fueling their body properly.

This is just one aspect of coaching I take seriously. I am not just here to motivate, I am here to help you overcome obstacles and perform at your highest level.

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